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Hi!  That's me and my boo thang up there.  Obviously I'm the one on the right, not to be confused with the mustached guy on the left.  I mean, we have been confused as brother and sister before but that's weird since we're married and stuff.
I write here at My Heart Is A Home because it makes me vulnerable which makes me uncomfortable and I feel like that's something I should work on.  I also have a tendancy to talk alot in real life and blogging lets me do that without being given a word limit...not that that's happened...more than once.

My husband, Jon, and I just moved home from Germany because he was in the Army and that's where they threw us for three years.

Now we're back home in the Pacific Northwest and pretty much have no idea what we're doing.  But I think we're figuring it out pretty well.  We both have real adult-like jobs and I go to school.  Both are full-time and make me really busy and stressed.  I try to write when I have a spare moment, like about German fests, awesome jams and personal stuff, but sometimes I'd rather voraciously read or be drunkenly ridiculous with my friends.  Then I like to write about those things too.

I am horribly awkward when writing "about me" stuff so don't judge me.  It's like breaking a mirror, you'll get seven years bad luck.  And I might give you a funny look but then I guess we'd be even.

This is definitely a work in progress.

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