Thursday, March 7, 2013

It happened.

I left this blog for an unforgivable amount of time.

And now I'm back.

Blogging. Dun Dun Dun.

This blog catches up at a place where much has happened.
The hubs and I have been on the rocks and up in the clouds.
Things have been broken, wounded, bruised and made bitter.
We've also had joy, hope and so much love.

I have this adorable dog-creature that's full of SO much love.  He shows God to me every day.

And I have this man who helps me keep it together every day.  That's love too.

I've even found some friends here who like me even when I'm (not so slightly) inebriated.

We've been making it through.  One step, each breath and each prayer, at a time.

A more specific update:
I'm almost done with my AS in Health Care Management and I'm on the President's List for my 4.0
I'm going to start losing weight, and sticking with that.  Forreals.
The Hubs thought for two seconds that he wanted to join a type of SpecOps.
Cezar had yeast-y ears for a little longer than two seconds.
The snow is finally leaving our little corner of Bavaria!  Dankeschon Lord!!
I'm addicted to Mexican food and enchiladas (though that news isn't exactly new).

Loving everybody <3

Especially my bestie.....

This is bestie love :)

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