Friday, May 10, 2013

Champagne Friday's Letters


Dear Husband, you are so handsome when you're just waking up in the morning.  You look at me with your mussed up hair and that sleep-drugged look in your eyes, I melt.  It's your butt, too.  I can't get over your fantastically cute butt.  Dear Pup, thanks for loving me so much that, when I get home from work, your tail smacks yourself in the face with excitement. <3  Dear Champagne Friday, it's verrrrry nice to meet you.  From now on, every Friday shall be celebrated with champagne not in champagne glasses (since we're classy enough not to have any).  Dear coffee, you're turning me in to the crazy coffee lady.  Instead of twenty cats, I'm going to have thirty-two mugs and a $3000 espresso machine.  Heh.



  1. haha sounds like a cute pup. My dog has a long tail that knocks on everything as she walks past. Im surprised she hasnt put dents in the washing machine by now its such a loud whack! Hope your having a fantastic weekend :)

    1. I hear ya, ditto!! Sounds like the sign of a happy dog :-) Our little (big) golden pup has no idea how big his tail is and is either trying to catch it or knocking things over haha

      Thank you! And to you too!!