Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Letters

Photo credit to U.S. Army Sgt. Jose A. Torres, Jr.

Dear Blog, happy Memorial Day weekend!  Dear military members and their families, thank you.  Seriously. I've been able to experience some of the serious heartaches and soaring joys that exist in a life tied to the military and, while I won't ever be able to fully understand all of the sacrifices and celebrations that have been made (I truly believe those two things can often follow each other), I have complete respect for each and every one of them.  For each and every one of you.  So once again, thank you.  Our fallen heroes will always be  respected and remembered.  Dear winter weather in May, snow, really?  I refuse to believe such a blatant lie.  Dear Associates Degree, you will be conquered.  Two days left and then I say goodbye to these classes, and I can't wait.  Dear Pup, I'm so sorry for your dry skin, babes.  We'll get this figured out.  Allergies, food, water, oils, baths, no baths, humidifiers...none of it has solved the problem.  Any suggestions?  'Cause we'll take them all!

Peace and love to all those who feel the sadness of loss during this long weekend.

Current stats:
The Hubs broke his foot.  And there's totally no cool story to go along with it.  His brace-like boot is the ultimate tanker boot.
Last classes for my A.S. are done on Sunday!
We're looking in to buying a second car.  The BMW is dying quickly.
It's almost June and we haven't had a day of sun all week.
I need a tan. (please reference above)

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