Monday, December 19, 2011

Almost home

Tomorrow is the BIG day!  We move into our house (which we just found out has three, I repeat THREE, bedrooms) and we get our car!  A beautiful 2012 Ford Focus *insert bliss, and utter fear, here*  I don't know if I'll be able to touch it let alone drive it, I might mess it up its perfect beautifulness.  I'll make sure to take bunches of pictures :)

Speaking of pictures!  Let me share some of the awesome snow last night!  And not just little sprinkle snow, but the big beautiful kind of flakes that people write haikus about.

Look at those big 'ol flakes!

 Me and Hubby

 Snow art!

 All bundled

 The first "snow" kiss, sigh
I might love him

 Pretty sparkly snow with the big town Christmas tree in the background

 Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree!

This entire move has been an incredible tax and test on my emotions.  I'm not good with change, and I've never been good with change.  I'm also not used to being able to have a partner to go through these the throws of life with.  God's always still teaching me.


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  1. I love how in your snow kiss Ginger can't handle the chilly-ness and so his face is covered!! I am super jealous of your snow kiss though! Your pictures are beautiful...I know that snow art is for me :)