Friday, December 9, 2011

We're here!

Hubby and I just got into Hohenfels last night, and what a crazy long trip.  In total, I think we spent a total 6 hours in an airport (Dallas and Frankfurt), 12 hours on a plane and 7 hours on a bus.  All with no shower!

So now we wait (the ol' "hurry up and wait" heavily applies to PCS situations), me in a hotel room and hubby doing his inprocessing and hopefully getting us a home ASAP!  Our sponsor told us late last night, while I was tired and hormonal and heavily emotional, that we may hopefully have housing (more than likely an apartment) before Christmas and I might have almost cried.  Whatta girl I am.  But my hopeful expectations were that we would have a house, oh I don't know, by Monday?  Yeah, a girl can dream :)

Here's some pictures that I took on a little walk this morning:

Snow!  Doesn't it look good? :) 

 The small base of Hohenfels

"pet relief area", how proper haha 

The hotel, our home away from home! 

Being here feels like being in Washington

My walk ended short when little snow flurries started to fall, and then it turned into rain.  But we're supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow this weekend!  Sounds like some snow fun is in order :)



  1. I am so happy I decided to see if you had blogged yet!! At least it feels like living in should feel right at home! If you get a chance feel free to make me a snowman, or if you are feeling super ambitious you can make two "buddy" snowwomen! :-)

    I love you so much buddy...miss you bunches!!

  2. I love you morst buddy! I can't wait for you to come visit someday and travel with me :)