Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How many lazy days are you allowed in a week?

Is seven too many?

Here it is, almost 1 pm and I still haven't taken a shower.  Just sitting here on the computer whilst watching Die Hard 2 in the same outfit I wore this morning to go get chocolate croissants with my husband.  And yes, I did just say chocolate croissants, homemade from the bakerie in town. :)  Next time I will take pictures because they are just that good.

Is it just me or the second Die Hard just not as good as the first one?  How many times can "Roy" get put into these situations?  But what is there that Bruce Willis can't handle anyhow.

I've been kind of emotional these past few days (or maybe we could even say these past few months) and I think it comes from wanting a sense of home.  I haven't felt like I'm home in, well, I don't know if ever.  That's what happens with divorced parents, I think.  And it doesn't help when you move five times in about the past year.
But what is home?  Does it need more than white walls and doors, some decoration and personalization?  Or is it a completely intangible thing?  Probably a mixture of both.  Home is in your heart, but it comes out to be expressed in how you surround yourself, what you decorate yourself and your life with.

I'm praying that God shows me how to develop a sense of peace and home.  He's the provider.  Thank you Lord.

This little thing helps make home feel better too:

"Mom, can you stop taking pictures of me already? Baby is sleeping!"

Tschuss my friends!


  1. Is Tschuss German??

    Home is wherever Connie and Jenni are <3

  2. Tschuss means "bye" or "see ya later" in German. It's said like "choos!" :)

    I'm so putting that in my siggy on MSOS...

  3. Ahaha, in my head it is pronounced Tusscuss!!