Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hippos...

...have become my life passion.  This is not a joke.
Now comes the demonstration portion of this blog, demonstration of the yumminess that is the Happy Hippo.

Ze wittle hippo. 

Yeah, that's Nutella milky goodness! 

Ze box?  Notice it's Ze empty :)

On another note, it's been great to make friends here.  At least I think (more like 'hope') that I am.  And me and two other ladies in our housing community even got to have a Bible study today!  Just such a blessing.  God always brings peace.

Tschuss and XOXOXO to mah Buddy!  You know who you are pretty lady ;)

1 comment:

  1. Oh....MY.....Yumminess!!! Those Hippos look soooooo yummy!! I want to omnomnoms on them right now!! :drool

    Awww I get X's and O's...I feel so special :) And you think I am a pretty lady...:wub