Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It happened today.  Two cups of coffee and it was glorious!  Energy, so much energy.  And I had a smile, a genuine smile, on my face before 10am, how often does that happen?

Of course Cezar (Caesar?  who knows) looked at me like this

"Why are you smiling like that?  It's creepy."

Though he did try to show you his good angle, because the rest of him is coated in dirt and other brown substances that I'm ignoring but not touching.  That's what happens when your dog has a love for rolling in everything, he only gets pets on the top five inches of his head.

Gawh, he's cute.

With this crazy wave of caffeinated energy swirling around in my body, hopefully a lot of things will get done today, including but not limited to:

Folding laundry - dear goodness, I'm so glad my husband is the only one who sees the massive pile of clean, un-folded clothes
Breaking down cardboard boxes - don't judge, we're still moving in, right?  nod yes.
Loving on my hydrangea who's already losing some petals
Working out, sans speedos and crotch thrusting
Putting together a grocery list for the hubby to pick up on his way home
Stalking via e-mail the sellers who, I know, desperately want to sell me their shelves

Hard life.
Especially for the pooch already snoozing in the chair to my right.

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