Sunday, March 25, 2012

Together again.

This last week the husband got back from a good, long time (right around three weeks) in the field!  Big YAY!

Having him gone, to be honest, sucked.  He's my roommate, my best friend and pretty good to look at too.  But having him gone also gave me some great time to bond with the neighbors, who have become great friends as tends to be the case in military communities, and also to settle more into myself a bit.  This move has been taxing in weird ways, and it's nice to get my groove back.  So it's been back to eating more veggies, waking up to enjoy the early morning and taking risks (like planting hydrangea, adventurous huh?). Awwww, just like I like it.

I practically moved into my neighbor Dorothy's house while our men were gone, we did everything together but sleep, thank goodness.  She's an amazing woman who taught me how to make baked eggs, which are delish and feed into my already existing egg addiction, and helped nurse this girl back to health after contracting some type of awful plague disguised as the common cold.  AWFUL.  But probably not as awful as the bout of plague and -ahem- the trots going around the guys barracks out in the field.  Aw man, am I glad I got to stay home for that one.

Also, dun dun dun, I dyed my hair purple.  Photo for proof:

Kudos to great neighbors with cosmetology experience!  I even got a trim out of the deal.
And you can even catch a glimpse of the beautiful fabric encompassing our Army couch.

But anyways.  Enough of the showing off.
While my main man was gone, some awesomely fun pain in the butt things came up, such as:

a.) I totally fail at baking bread.  Maybe another try is in the works for the future, but the doughy mess I made was just a big bummer.
b.) Baby boy has allergies.  He's on some special food right now, but he can't have three different colors of food dye, calf (which is somehow different from beef which he's not allergic to), carrot, leek and dinkel (German weirdness?).  He also has eye drops and some unknown liquid substance in a glass vial that gets squirted in to his mouth every night.
c.) A surprise for our trip to Italy in the form of roommates at one of our accommodations.  YIPPEE.....naht.  This one almost sent me into a panic attack, but Caesar and I held the fort together over here.  I figured it would all be ok because THIS is where we're going:

Still can't believe it.  My anxiety flares up every time the trip comes to mind.

By the way, there has been some conflict in this home concerning the baby's name............Caesar or Cezar.  How this came about, I'm not sure.  All I know is one day the hubby came home with papers reading "Cezar" (can somebody tell me when this became the proper spelling?)  So now the baby has two names, Cezar at the vet and on his chip paperwork, and Caesar because I'm anal like that.  It happens, I guess.

The rest of this day is going to be taken over by some cleaning of the bathrooms, laundry and a little Bible study.  Can't beat a nummy cup of coffee and a meeting with the Lord.
This 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 is where I am, and I'll be sharing the teaching tomorrow.

Peace and love.

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