Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes we don't know what we're doing

I forgot to pick up my camera before we left to Boleslawiec, Poland, but what we saw is nothing that can't be well documented with words instead of pictures.  I don't know if those unfulfilled pictures are something I'd want for a memory anyways.

Through the bus's window passed frames of tree groves bedded down with melted layers of orange leaves; fields with small rocks, large rocks and well overgrown patches of long grass; teenagers with nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than walk down narrow dirt roads and squint at cars on the highway.  The buildings were breaking down in a way that made it indistinguishable as to if they were farms or just really sad houses.  Graffiti was painted over walls and roofs, like makeup covering the bruised under eye circles of a woman who's been awake for too long or exposed to too much.

A kind looking brown-haired man walked behind three small children who jumped and skipped down a dirt road.  They looked happy.

The city of Boleslawiec itself was mostly a neighborhood of aged red, blue, brown and grey brick buildings, the kind that you know have seen years of seasons and battles and celebrations and have grown a hard outer shell to protect the souls of those who call them home.  They were a little intimidating.  A park was set to the side.  There was no cushioned, manicured lawn, crab grass grew in uneven patches between the sparsely leaved trees, but a lady walking her dog and a man on a bicycle still enjoyed the warm spots of sunshine.

Sturdy white washed signs directed us tourists to the city's avenue of pottery shops.  Poland is well known for its traditionally patterned pottery.  Blue and white and circles and flowers and hearts painted and stamped on thick ceramic bowls and spoons and teapots.  We were a group of twenty-something women who fawned over shapes, compared patterns and filled up empty wicker baskets with things we claimed were gifts for family back home.

Not all of it was too grandma-y.  I can handle some floral.

 All these little bishes for less than eight euro!

And I promise that some of these are actually gifts.  Like really, who needs two milk cows?

The bus ride was twelve hours.  I did not get car sick.  It was a good day.

Yesterday was not so good.
Apparently I've been neglecting a friendship.  Again.  Who knows.
Can a girl not catch a break?
I'm still not sure what to think of the situation or the friend.
I'll probably stay to myself for a little bit.
Lately it's been enough for me to finish my school work on time, take care of my pup and make sure my husband is fed.
I'm losing pieces of me, I think.  Where did all the rest go?

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