Thursday, May 2, 2013

When strange places feel like home

It's my kind of morning: grey, cloudy and wet.  Some may say that the atmosphere is angry today, you can tell there's currents and pressures swirling around above the cloud cover, pushing down to create a smooth layer of moisture hanging right over this little town, but I think it's trying to assure me that I'm home.

Our little, weedy corner of Germany

I wish I could share with you how peaceful it is to hear the chirpy birds enjoying this weather as much as I am (who and what here isn't excited to welcome spring?).  Their songs are the perfect harmony to wake up with.

It seems that peace for me comes best from the most natural of places; bird songs, long stretches, green trees, laughter and coffee.

I'll always be a momma's girl.  And while I can't get one of her all-encompassing hugs, smell her perfume or feel her gentle rubs on my back as she's done for my whole life, as much for her comfort as for mine, I can enjoy the weather.  This is probably the same weather that my family is experiencing back home.

Our friends here think that Jon and I are crazy for being able to smell the rain coming.
I don't think it's going to rain today.

Tomorrow a couple friends and I are heading to Poland for the day.  We leave at 2am (not yay) but the Hubs said that I can get as much Polish pottery as I want (yay).  Though I'm not even sure yet if I like Polish pottery.

Too much grandma?  Just the right amount of grandma?

Image from here

Their baking dishes are supposed to be awesome, though, so I might have to get one.
And you know me, a mug is definitely coming home with us, too.  For coffee, of course.

Today should be a good day.

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