Sunday, April 28, 2013


Another night of homework, homework and more homework (besides the time I'm spending distracted by the lovely blog world).

To set the mood?
Sleepless In Seattle and coffee.  Anybody else love this movie too?

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Somehow watching it has become a Christmas tradition in my family, but it's a fantastic movie any time of the year.  Perfect bits of romantic, funny and neurotic.

"Horses, horses, horses, horses..."
A big hug to anybody who gets that reference. :-)

On another note...
There are these moments in which I realize how grateful I am for the life I live.  Like when a new recipe turns out delicious and my husband has randomly said "I love you so much" more times in a day than I can count.

Sorry if that first statement sounds pompous, and sorry if it even sounds completely ungrateful as, in the grand scheme of things, my life is truly nice.  Pleasant, even.

I mean, the Hubs and I hit roadblocks, snags, bumps and also acquire the accompanying bruises.
Like his currently black and blue foot that might be broken.

There was that time I fell apart sending the Hubs back to Iraq for nine more straight months.
That time we were completely broke, buying groceries on credit until my new paychecks started coming in.
And that time we fought and fought until I almost went back home while he stayed here to continue playing Army.

But our good moments, the ones that shine brightly and bring a little hope with their experience, are what keep me smiling.

I've been told that I smile too much, is that a thing?

Barney Stinson ain't got nothing on this.

Today, my house was a mess with dishes and Army gear, I have so much homework to finish that I probably won't sleep tonight and my dog peed on the floor and then escaped outside for a nighttime romp.
But those are small things. (...right? right.)

Why sweat the small stuff when tomorrow has enough troubles of it's own?  Or something like that.
And in the meantime, we've got to learn to appreciate those little moments of sunshine and happiness that are in  Life truly is good.  Note to self- must remember that.

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