Friday, June 21, 2013

Champagne Friday

Happy Champagne Friday, y'all!

What are we celebrating?!
Friday, duh!  Best day of the week.
Though, contrary to public opinion, Monday does have its good moments.

Now how about some Friday's Letters, shall we?

Dear homemade Asian salad dressing, you make this world a better place.  Thank you for being you, and I'm going to the store tomorrow to get goods to make more of you (recipe here).  Dear husband, I can't WAIT until you don't have all of this extra work anymore.  Then maybe we can, ya know, cuddle or something.  Whatevs.  Dear pups, you're my bff, and don't you forget it.  Dear Tudors, you.are.addictive!  Dramatic, scandalous, romantic.  Jon would never watch this show, ever, but it's the only thing I find myself turning on.  Maybe all this extra Army work is a good thing? Why don't ya keep him a little longer! ;-)

Sometimes I use wine glasses.

You ever have those moments when you love your salad dressing so much that your salad accidentally turns in to a soup?  Like "Love this dressing!  Better pour a bunch on ...yeah, no, damn, not that much."

True story.

The husband's on his way home (finally! it's almost 11pm) from work so I'm off to go spend time with him.
Will update with more pictures of my adorable pup tomorrow :-)

Some quick stats:
My mom and Jon's parents will probably come visit us this year :-)
Healthy eating, step one, is in affect.  I kind of love it, and it's good to do it just for me.
My diploma is on its way here, yay!

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