Monday, June 17, 2013

Step by Step

First of all, I'm not sure if you guys know but I'm an artist.

Jon came home, looked at the painting and, before even taking off his boots, asked "Did you really paint that?"  Why yes, babe, I really really did.  Then he asked me about two or three more times if I really painted it.  YES babe, I REALLY painted it, my initials are on the back.  "I can paint my initials on anything, that doesn't mean you painted it."  Oh my gosh.

Apparently I'm that good.
Though some girls thought their tree branches were coming out to look a lot like a certain part of the male anatomy, if you know what I mean.


Thanks for putting up with my lack of blogging.
Somehow I got stuck in a big, deep hole of depression.  I might have just gotten worn out working full time, trying to ace school and keep up the house.  Really, I think I got caught up trying to keep up appearances and lost my energy and myself for a while.  But little steps are bringing me back and it feels so good.  We're hanging in there.

Step 1.
Try new things.  Like group painting classes on post, evidenced above.  SO much fun, especially because they gave us free food and offered alcohol.  I'm probably heading over to play softball this Thursday, too.

Step 2.
Walk the pup every day.  We do this after dinner when the sun is setting and the heat is dissipating; it's gorgeous out.  I can't wait to take out my fancy camera and play around with taking some shots.  And you can't beat having such a cute model as this sweet thing, I can just never get over him (the blonde one, not the red head):

 My two big babies.

Step 3.
Eat well.  I'm planning our meals, pre-cooking chicken and quinoa, taking veggies to work and drinking tea instead of coffee (suffering on this one).  It's all about changing your mentality to change your health.  I've been using this uh-mazing app called Recovery Record to help change my thinking towards food and eating, try it out!

 Pre-cooking chicken in a little chicken broth and seasonings for lunches.
Step 4.
Really enjoy time with friends.  Johana and I, after painting trees and belting out song after song in the car on the way home, sat outside by the fire, drank "watermelon juice" (aka watermelon arizona iced tea and malibu, aka delish) and laughed so.much.

Serena and Blair.


I feel better with structure, and I feel better when I'm not giving 100% to everybody with nothing left for myself.
So I'm cleaning and organizing, and I'm staying strong while taking care of myself.
It's a weird in-between phase so please bear with me.

We'll all be okay.  Right?  Right. :-)

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