Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear strawberry pie, two hungry dudes and one hungry chica have destroyed you.  I have been waiting to eat you for two days and it was soooo worth it.  Thanks for being delicious.  Dear pup, those little scabbies on your face have your momma worried!  Hopefully a Dr's appointment will offer some help because you have to be okay.  Dear husby (yesss, we're that couple with the weird nicknames, getovahit), I LOVE YOU and I can't wait for our fantastical date tomorrow night.  Food & alcamahol & your awesome ginger face will be perfect <3  

Jon is out with some friends tonight (I guess I can let him off the ball and chain for one night) so it's just me, the dog, a good book and a cup of tea.  Can I get a hallellujah?  Because those things are exactly what I need right now, even though it makes me sound like I'm old enough to qualify for AARP.
This is a judgement free zone, people!

Have an amazing Friday night, my peeps.


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