Thursday, July 11, 2013

Can I just take a nap right here?

Just at my desk?  For a few minutes?  Please say yes!
I have one of the only problems in the world that coffee can not solve...

Men, cover your ears.  Or eyes?  Whatev.  It's about to get really (not) lady-like up in here.

It's been one of those days, and weeks, that just ultimately sucks.  I'm bloated, and moody, and grumpy, and freakin' exhausted.

Have a guess yet?

Yeah, that really crappy time known by some well-seasoned women as a "period" is here.

A week of feeling like I'm going out of my mind because I've cried three times in the past hour, I'm breaking out in places I didn't even know had pores and all I dream about is floating on a chocolate donut in a pool of mac n cheese.

Jon gets really tired of the crying.
Bought the wrong thing?  Cry.  Tickles Me?  Cry.  Morning tea?  Cry.

If this sucks so bad, I don't even want to imagine what pregnancy is going to be like. *shudder*

Tonight will probably consist of some homemade nachos and watching Alice in Wonderland on repeat to soothe my aching ovaries.


Anybody have awesome remedies for this lady hangover, aka aunt flow, aka the week of death?

Love y’all.
Get it right, get it tight.

Oh yeah, wait, rapping is not my day job.
A girl can dream.


  1. You are not alone...I have been a grumpasaurus all week between work stress and my lady time creeping up. I need a bestie fix!

  2. You are not alone...I've been a grumpasaurus all week between work stress and lady time creeping up. I'm dreaming of chocolate and bestie time!