Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life is sucky and scary sometimes.

When my heart is feeling tender, and I'm so scared that my stomach is rolling around and telling me its almost time to make a mad rush to a toilet or at least somewhere outside, there are beautiful words that come to me straight from God, the Lord.

Today he wanted to tell me and you or whoever is (not) reading this:

"If your ship is sinking - Keep Playing." via God speaking through Glennon

There are things going on in life right now and, let's face it, all the time that are so scary.  Those things tell us that we can't, won't and aren't; that we'll never get anywhere of worth in life because in fact we have no worth.  Those are straight bullshit lies.  We all have worth, our lives ALL have worth.

Though my heart is constantly feeling like its being ripped apart, I have to realize that the point of all this pain is really just growth, right?  Like a muscle (then my science-trained brain says "Well Jenni, the heart really is a muscle...cardiac muscle???")  It's not just a Big Baddie ripping in to any available soft surface, or the world's people on a vendetta, or whatever other daily wounds are inflicted.  There's a purpose for this seemingly worthless crap: God's calling his little girl back home, trying to craft her in to the Godly woman that he had in mind for her creation.  And, dude, it really hurts right now and it'll probably hurt worse as time goes on, but I'm trying really hard to trust this path.  To follow my purpose.

So hold these words close to your heart:  Keep Playing.  Refuse to give up.  You are cherished, cared for and protected.

And I'll keep praying to God to save us from ourselves.  Please, Lord.


  1. Buddy I feel ya. Email me, iMessage me, stalk me, I'm here always :) wub you!

    1. Buddy, you are the best friend a girl could ever ask for <3