Sunday, November 3, 2013

Its like that.

I have few total, rich, decadent, nearly sinful indulgences.  Books, Alice in Wonderland and sleep.

These past few days I can not stop reading.  I've read at least five books in the past two days, and it feels fantastic.  Want a freaking amazing, heart stopping book?  Read Daughter of the Forest.  My review went like this, "Fuck, man. Still coming down off of 'book high'. Will update when I can breathe again."  Yeah, its like that.

And then tonight, though I stayed up literally all night finishing last week's homework, I truly looked forward to the opportunity to watch Alice in Wonderland over and over and over again.  I'm on its fifth loop.  We can't stop, we won't stop.  Jon's already threatening to stimy my obsession somehow, maybe by hiding the disk but, just like true lovers, we'll always find each other again.

This coffee high will be coming down soon.  Work, money makin', must be attended too.  As does brushing my teeth and changing my clothes.  The real world beckons and yet all I want is my bed, my books and Wonderland.

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