Monday, November 25, 2013

Catch up.

Happy Monday, future Jenni and everybody who doesn't read this blog! the former, not the latter.  This Monday won't be happy until there's about two more gallons of coffee flowing through my system.  Workin' on it.  The shoppette (aka cheap gas station store thing on post) has some cheap version of pumpkin spice coffee and I'm sucking that shit down like water, or booze.  Pick your poison.

Time to share some good vibes for the start of this week!  Get happy, mah peoples!

All images pulled from Pinterest.  Please refer to link for image sources.

Now, let's catch up.
- I'm 22.  Its a big deal, don't get it twisted.  My birthday was filled with delicious food and copious amounts of alcohol.  Do I remember most of the night?  No.  Was it amazing?  Hell yes.  Youngins, don't learn from me.  Alcohol is really bad for you and will make hair grow on your chest.
- Three more weeks until this semester is over!
- It snowed.  Winter is here.  Wah wah.  If I wasn't such a chicken about driving in crappy weather then I might feel a bit more positive about this development.
Landscaping pro, obvs.
 - Close friend, who I have talked a little about on here previously, and I are no longer friends.  Not my choice, and truly for the best.  Obviously she was at her wits end with something, though I'm not sure what since there was no communication at all, and I was almost there myself.  I hate to sound lame and cliche but good damn riddance.
 - I'm hosting my first ever Thanksgiving meal this week.  It'll just be me and ten "gentlemen" aka guys focused on beer.  How is there ever going to be enough food?  Idk, don't ask me, I'll let you know later.

Somebody bring me some more coffee.  Bitte (please)?

XO, Jenni

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