Sunday, April 27, 2014

Avoidance and other things.

It's time to buckle down and do some of course I'm writing.

I'm writing and being pissed at my husband (don't ask) and eating chocolate covered coffee beans (gotta stay awake, yo!) and watching the movie Rent.  ...avoiding homework and living the dream.  Who wants to research picture archiving and communication systems anyways?  NOT this girl, no.  THIS is much better.

Sigh.  It doesn't get much better than leather-jacket-love.

By the way, what is it with super theatrical movies and me staying up late?  First it was Alice in Wonderland (the new one), then it was The Phantom of the Opera, and now its Rent.  Let's just chalk it up to good taste, shall we?

I don't know, man.  I had such a good day bullshitting with the husband and cleaning up random shit around the house, and now I'm just feeling it.  The bad IT.  The IT that makes you want to stuff your face with old holiday candy, curl up like a blanket burrito on the couch and watch movies like Rent and Love Actually.  Even with work tomorrow, I might still do this.  I'm obvious a really super cool mature adult because us fancy people totally do things like stay up later eating sugar and watching random shit.  I'll get far in life.

I mean, it was a GOOD day!  AFN played Frozen, I'm eating damn chocolate covered coffee beans and my dog is fucking adorable.  But sometimes it, that bad bad feeling, just happens and I've got to learn to accept that I guess.  I'm not broken, but neither am I obligated to feel happy-go-lucky all the freaking time, especially when I'm pretty frustrated with that man I'm in some weird long-term relationship with.  I think they call this marriage, but I've been a bit confused since this ain't no Cinderella shit.  That's actually what I love about marriage, it ain't perfect and its gritty and takes a lot of serious work if its real; I think happy endings are so much better if you have to work for it.  But sometimes it'd be nice to have some pretty roses and fireworks going off in the background, or even just the dishes put away.  

Tomorrow I'll try to edit and post up those pictures from my trip to Garmisch, but no promises.  I've been putting off this stupid, stupid, stupid 6 page paper that's due tomorrow, and did I mention that it's due tomorrow? 

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