Sunday, June 22, 2014

Something shiny and new

This girl, this girl right here.
My old computer broke for reasons that shall not be named and I take a full load of online classes, sooo a new computer was more than necessary.

Why do I feel like a such a perv when I type "full load"?

Anyways, my new computer is gorgeous.  I love it, it has a ton of storage space and the little side number keyboard thing that I don't know what its called but is perfect for my crap ton of accounting classes.

Seriously though.  It was between this computer and a MacBook Pro, and this computer won out because of the side number keyboard thing.  That's how important it was to me, or AKA I'm a huge school nerd.
That and I could just not handle the $1200+ price of a Mac when it does not have all the stuff I want, like at least 8 GB of ram...and a side number keyboard thing.  Just could could not do it.  The sacrifice was necessary and, to be honest, a bit depressing but a poor college student has got to do what a poor college student has got to do: get the better deal and drown her misery in cheap wine.

But now I can finally upload all my pictures from Neuschwanstein Castle!  That was such a fun trip, and the castles we saw were ridiculously cool, and of course my husband and I are suupperr photogenic (not) so our pictures are amazing (but they really are).
Obviously there's more to come when I actually find my camera and get around to uploading my pictures.  But for right now know that we had an awesome time and we road in a freakin' horse-drawn carriage up to a freakin' castle.  Cinderella much?  Yeah.

Sadly though I must now go back to sitting on my ass in my pajamas, studying cell structures and listening to pop punk.  'Tis my whole life in one sentence right there, folks.

Current stats:
Jon should get his orders for us to go home within the next week or so
I'm thinking of moving back home to CA instead of home to WA
There's a bug bite right between my boobs and it itches
The pup is, as always, ridiculously adorable


  1. congrats on the new computer! i don't even do accounting type stuff and having the number keypad thing was a must for me too when i got a new laptop, so i totally understand!

    1. AH glad I'm not the only one! I was writing that thinking "Nobody is going to get this, I'm weird" lol
      Seriously though, you'd think with how much a Mac costs that they'd at least give you the little number keyboard thing!