Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Music Mix // Part Deux

Starting off a blog post is the worst thing ever, I swear.  Especially when the only thing keeping you from falling asleep is four cups of coffee and the promise of one (or twelve) slices of cake later tonight.

Why do I have cake, you may ask, and that would be a valid question.  No, it's not my birthday or anniversary, and it damn sure isn't Hump Day yet.
No, I have cake because my bio professor is making us cook edible models of plant and animal cells.  Forreals.  It was between a cake or a jello mold, and the instructions for the jello mold told me to use an avocado for the nucleus and that just sounded really gross.  Imagine clear jello with a brown and squishy avocado just hanging out in the middle, wiggling all over the place.  Nein danke.  Also, cake always wins.  If it's between anything else and cake, choose cake, amiright?

Now there's heaps of accounting assignments waiting for my genius, so I'll just drop off this week's mix playlist below.  Check out my previous week's playlist for other awesome, though totally different, jams.

Also, I think my new hobby is going to be coming up with amazing descriptive words for how much homework I have, like butt ton and crap load.  #nerdfun

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