Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I went hurr.

Prague was amazing.  Seriously.  I'd like to move there yesterday.
Our friends that we went with said they thought I might never come back...they caught me :-)

The Hubbs and I actually got to have a vacation last week.  A much needed vacation, because that man works so hard all the time.  Let's just say that even though his command designates leave times throughout the year, he rarely gets to actually take advantage of them.

We started out on Wednesday, leaving for Edelweiss early afternoon (the best feeling ever is when you get to leave work on Tuesday afternoon and know that you don't have to come back until the following Monday).  Edelweiss is beautiful.  It's an Army resort located in southern Germany, right on the Italy/Austria/Germany border, right by the Alps.


Another awesome thing about Edelweiss: jumbo-sized alcoholic drinks.

Yeah, that's an extra large margarita and a five liter beer tower.  Done, son.
But we're wimps because we didn't finish either one.

We also got free refills (Germany's missing out) and I got to have a massage and facial.  The facial was incredible, but I've never had a massage (out of my whole one-time experience) during which I was talked to for the entire sixty minutes...and listened to an awkward song about taking somebody home while the male massage therapist spent time on my neck and shoulders.  He did give some awesome pointers for Prague, though.  And I walked away feeling like Jello.

We came home on Friday afternoon and left for Prague that same evening.
Prague is about an hour and a half East of the Czech border, and about two hours away from where we're stationed.  It's straight in Bohemia, and it's amazing.  Don't be scared of it's slightly bad reputation; go if you can.

Dinner the first night.  Hub's was topped with a lemon, whipped cream and jelly.

 The main square and astronomical clock tower.

 RJ (Russian Jon) came out.

 My friend and I had an awesome time going to the top of the clock tower and sipping on jumbo mojitos.

 Worst translation in the history of translations.

 Prague castle/cathedral.

 The Night Gym had a banana show.  Next time.

 Cookies, cash & cigs.  Scandal.

We went with our really close friends (ya know, the ones from this post, who we reconciled with) and it was perfect; the guys get along, the girls get along and we all get along together.

Amazing cake was almost every meal.
The guys went on a beer tour...for which us girls waited for them for hours.
I bought a bottle of hemp beer...and it tasted really gross.
We discovered some awesome music at an underground bar named Vodka bar...and almost got in a fight with a rude Czechy.

Plans to go back are already in the works.

Some quick facts:
  • I've taken over some manager responsibilities at my job.  Who's a big kid now??  It's scary.
  • Hubby got me my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3100, and it's gorgeous!
  • Caesar's still cute.  As always.
  • Last 9 credits of my associate's degree!
  • The Hubs is becoming fashionable with a little help from moi (and Express sales).

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