Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hard times and simple joys.

Yesterday, in a word, sucked.  It was true Monday Madness.

I'm not the type to air out dirty laundry, especially when it doesn't just involve myself, but let's just say that things at work aren't okay; being blamed for something that's not your fault by people you thought were friends is not fun.  A coworker I consider one of my best friends even came to my desk just to yell at me.  And though I don't have to go to work today, I'm counting on being shamed more when I go back tomorrow.  Whoopee.

That's why I thought it was appropriate to make-up Monday's Inspiration today!  There's never a bad time to bring some more positivity in to this world.  And its so important that, even through those times in which bad things are unjustly happening to you and you feel more alone than ever, you hold your head high and continue sharing love.

All images pulled from Tumblr.  Sources unknown.

Why does it seem that its during the tough, lonely times that we tend to find simple joys and build a strong sense of self?  Though, maybe it's just me.

Today's simple joys:
Watching Mirror Mirror (LOVE Lily Collins and the styling is ridic)
Working on homework
Drinking coffee
Doing laundry (better than lighting a candle)
Loving on my dog

Keep holding on, lovelies.  New beautiful things are waiting right around the corner.  And go find the simple joys, you won't regret it.

XO, Jenni

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