Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's Saturday.

Just a little proof that I'm still alive, and my new favorite picture:

Jon and I in Munich when my mom was visiting

Jonny boy is going out with "the guys" tonight, so it will be just me, coffee, TV reruns and homework until the day I die.  Except I'm also going to change it up with some wine and delicious crap food to lift this fog of depression that's settled down ever since September started.  This has not been the best month, it's been one thing after the other, but that's life.  We keep pushing through, always hoping for the best even when it feels like the day would be better if you just stayed inside watching The Vampire Diaries in pajamas.

Good things still happen amidst the crap!

- Your coworker gives you a "really nice bottle of wine" that ends up being a small bottle of Hpnotiq, and then he tells you to think of him while drinking it with your friends.
- Your husband, who it seems like you've been fighting with nonstop for the past few weeks, reaches over in his sleep to wrap his arms and legs all around you.
- Your dog is overwhelmingly adorable.

Good things :-)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming of coffee, TV reruns and endless amounts of homework.


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