Monday, September 9, 2013

No, I did not die.

I worked, slept, started school, loved on my mom (she visited Germany!) and got two more jobs.

Let's just say that my life has been filled to the brim and any extra time was devoted to investing in friendships and absorbing as many books as possible before this seventeen credit semester started.

Can I just say that Divergent is amaze???  I'm saying it.  And it's the truth.  I read both books in two days, and then read the first book again.  There was even some picture floating around on my instragram with the hashtag "#obsessed".

To kick off this week, let's get some love and encouragement!


It's nice to see some kind, inspiring words on days that are harder to get through, as Mondays tend to be, so this will probably be a regular thing.  Maybe some clever name for these posts will come to me someday...but right now?  Yeah, three hours of sleep and a giant cup of coffee is not much to incite momentous creativity.

Current stats:
I'm currently taking 17 credits for my BS in Health Management.
My dog's still ridiculously cute.
Jon, the Hubs, my main man, still has red hair and a great butt.
We're all surviving.

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